VOLVO – ABS pump / ECU module Repair – ATE Mk 20

ABS Volvo

VOLVO ABS pump repair ATE Teves Mk 20

Very common type of failure of the ABS pump in VOLVO vehicles from the years 1996 – 2002, models 850, V70, C70, S60, S70, S80, and more. It cause the ABS light to come on. Diagnostics usually show fault codes associated with wheel speed sensors, pump motor failure or inability to communicate with the ABS module using diagnostic equipment, the errors often occur as sporadic.

We offer to repair damaged ABS control unit – just send a defective item, and we will do the repair and send the part back within 24 hours.

We back our repair of the ABS controller with a 24 months warranty.


It is enough to send in only the electronics for repair without a pump, avoiding thus the need to bleed the brake system after the repair, and the vehicle can be operated normally with uninstalled ABS module.

Some part numbers:

8602265, 8619538, 9140773, 9467582 9472095, 9472971 8602265, 8619538, 9140773, 9467582 9472095, 9472971

If you do not see your part number on the list, please contact us – we repair all modules ABS used in VOLVO automobiles with the ATE number starting with: 10.0949 (see photo)

By repairing your own pump you avoid the programming that is necessary in case of installing a used ABS pump.

Please contact us for any further information.