Toyota Yaris – ABS / ESP / VSC pump repair

ABS Toyota

TOYOTA YARIS – ABS / ESP / VSC pump repair

Often found fault of the ABS pump in TOYOTA YARIS cars manufactured between 2006 – 2009. The problem is manifests itself by continuous illumination of VSC light and deactivation of traction control system.

Performing diagnostics most often shows the error code:

C1246 – pressure sensor – circuit fault

We offer a regeneration of your ABS / ESP pump as an alternative to expensive new part or used pump of uncertain condition and limited life expectancy.

We back our service with a 60 months warranty.

By repairing your own pump you avoid the programming that is necessary in case of installing a used ABS pump.

Please contact us for further information.

A list of some part numbers that are affected:

44510-0D110 ( 44510-0D110 )
06.2102-0167.4 ( 06210201674 )
44540-0D011 ( 445400D011 )
06.2102-0747.4 ( 06210207474 )
89541-0D030 ( 895410D030 )
06.2109-0319.3 ( 06210903193 )

If you do not see on the list of the number of your part, please contact us.